We’ve heard a lot about search engine optimization, but what is it?

Why is it so important to use SEO?

It’s as simple as saying that it will increase your visibility and improve your business’ performance in the marketplace. To make a successful SEO strategy, it will take a lot of work and techniques that will allow the company to rank organically in the search that customers are performing.

There are fundamental parts that will make SEO strategies successful, and those are:

– Business performance

– The type of audience

– The search tools

– Business performance

The first thing to keep in mind when starting a business or company is the objectives. If this does not exist, then you will not have a clear vision for the business or the impact needed to generate long-term customer engagement, so it is critical to have clear goals and objectives as it will also affect the market behavior you are looking for. If these goals and objectives are clear enough, then it’s time to go for SEO goals; using processes, stages and layers for optimization.

That said, it is necessary to establish the company’s priorities, whether they are sales, visibility, education or simply traffic, to build a mapping of the precise words to position and drive both search engine and audience to your business.

A key issue is to study the competition, as competitors will have the right audience that could indirectly drive the customer to your website. But this should be studied to provide information on the improvement you need according to the competitors’ products, performance, marketing etc.

Be an expert in what you are trying to sell.

Being an expert is fundamental to generate trust and commitment to your brand, and if you are just starting out, it is important to find someone who knows what you are talking about, this will answer satisfactorily and with the proper assistance you deserve, to the customer’s questions and the differences between your product or service, with that of the competition. Find your strengths and turn them into trophies for the audience that approaches your business.

The type of audience.

Customer intent is critical to improving your SEO techniques and having a successful mapping of the goals you have in mind for your business. The first step to ask this question Who do I intend to attract?

With this question, you will be able to find the right keywords, the relevant topics for that searcher, for that audience you want to reach and transform into a customer, or simply a reader of the content your site offers.

Socio-economic and psychological factors are also a fundamental element to study since it is not the same to sell drinks in Florida than diamonds in Dubai, there is always a market study, and these factors are fundamental to understand the paths to take and thus obtain a better performance of the keywords, topics and even the design of your content. Language and locations are a fundamental part of this study as the search process is based on these factors.

Another important thing, and it may sound trite, but it is of great benefit in the growth of the company is trust and commitment to customers, being a reliable option for them is a guarantee of success for you. If you are just starting out, good content will speak to your expertise and the effort invested in your brand.

Resuming all of the above, the central element for the searcher is “Accessibility“.

There are many challenges in the search process, one of the most common problems is that the business model does not correspond or does not adapt to the relevant content for the search engine; therefore, it is necessary to adjust the business model, content, goals and everything that defines your company adapted to the search engine rankings. It is imperative to understand that there are millions of websites on the Internet with the same topics or markets. Therefore, yours must be unique, relevant and valuable to search engines and audiences targeting your business.

To perform a remarkable SEO process, it is important to find and understand the relevant content that search engines will use in processing the language, so it is imperative to choose the right and precise words to create a structural search system that allows the engines to drive and generate organic traffic, targeted to the right audiences that your company needs to interact with.

Language is not just about the words used for SEO; it’s about using the right construction on the website to perform better on the vast Internet. Therefore, website performance, quality, creative content, production, themes, and overall an outstanding website must be productively considerable for search and reach customer needs. Weak programming, wrong HTML or JavaScript errors will make search relevance more complex and the SEO process slower.


Website performance, quality, creative content, production, themes and overall an outstanding website should be productively considerable for search and reach the client’s needs. Weak programming, bad HTML or JavaScript errors will make search relevance more complex and the SEO process slower.